Saturday, January 04, 2003

Kurt: Thank you for the compliment. If only I could go back in time and know what I know now. Then what a hottie I'd be. Wisdom--if it comes at all, is the only advantage to getting older. How's Chapel Hill?
Bobby: It was good to meet Donna at the show, and tell her I'm sorry I didn't talk to her more. She e-mailed me before the show about possibly getting together for coffee. I lost her e-mail address. Please tell her I'd still love to get together at the Coffee Company. I need all the friends and allies I can get in E-town.

Rick: Nice beard. What's that on yer nose? You make me laugh out loud every time I read this thing. It's hilarious. And I wasn't offended at all by your old testament humor. I guess I get a bit defensive about my Christian beliefs. I find religious philosophy really fascinating, and I'm actually considering, JUST CONSIDERING, getting an M.Div. degree--maybe even becoming a minister. Anyhow, your daughters are lucky to have such a funny dad. Barney as Satan? Whew. That's some calculating.

Does anyone know how I can get a Shapeshifters or Nightmare's CD or some kind of recorded something or other? Also, can any of you afford to buy CD's? I can eat for 2 weeks on what it costs these days to buy music. It really pisses me off. I need to get a CD burner. And Alan: I have a PC at home, but it's not hooked up because I'm in transition (as always). My computer at work is an iMAC. So the downloading of the pics to screensaver is, I guess, not an option.


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