Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Looking at the names of all these bands that came through JC does tend to get the ol' grey matter churnin'. Anybody remember Obituary from Salem, Oregon? They were northwest grunge before most of America knew where Seattle is. How about The Violets? They had this cool song about how much they hate the Grateful Dead. I think it was called "I Hate the Grateful Dead." I probably have a tape of that laying in a box somewhere.

Hey Gary, remember Fearless Iranians from Hell? I remember we were all hot to go see them because they had been in "Thrasher" magazine. I remember the first time The Heydays played the Highlander. There were about 12 people there but we were all just blown away by them. They played a set and everyone was going nuts and asking for more. They got back up on stage and said, "Uh... That's all the songs we know. We could do the same set over if you want." And then the second time they played there, there was at least a decent crowd but while they were there, their house got demolished by a hurricane.

Did 24-7 Spyz play JC? I remember seeing them in Knoxville. Gary and I trekked down there in "The Loaf" for that show. Remember "The Loaf" Gary?

Wow. I never thought memory lane would be this long a walk. Shoulda stayed in shape.


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