Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Ric: I’m not sure what kind of response to the old testament verses, if any, you’re looking for. First, I would say that the old testament happened a long fucking time ago, and they did weird shit back then. When Jesus came along in the New Testament, he kinda said, that shit doesn’t matter anymore. You don’t need to do that shit in order to be loved by God. But shit still kept going on, if you read the letters Paul wrote, to the Corinthians in particular. And of course, even Jesus was a man of his time. He always thought that the end of the world was at hand and stuff. My own version of Christianity isn’t the brand that subscribes to the inerrancy of scripture or a literal interpretation of the bible. it’s a work of literature, and it speaks in incredibly beautiful, moving metaphors. I like the idea of death and rebirth---in the spiritual sense---so it’s a metaphor that works for me. Now---can someone please talk about music?


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