Thursday, January 23, 2003

speaking of drummers -- we all have drummer stories, don't we?

my favorite drummer story of the moment is Mark Ryalls at the Library in Knoxville. he had a difficult evening, with his stool falling off the back of the way-too-small drum riser the good folks at the Library had recently built. toward the end of the nite -- after falling off the back of the riser for the last time -- he picked up his throne (stool, whatever) and threw it at full pissed-off-drummer-velocity into the audience. it's a wonder no one had to be rushed to the emergency room. it's a wonder they ever booked the nightmares again. god, i hated that place. every time i went there it seemed like some lite-beer-drinking-frat-boy wanting to start some shit with the fucked-up-hippie-chicks.

i'm trying to think of a good Tad Dickens story. Tad's more of a constant phenomena than a series of stories -- such an awesome drummer. The whole nightmares saga going from Mark to Tad as drummers, probably bears some reflection. the drummers had such a strong influence on the band, which i think really says something about the gestalt of what the nightmares were. neither drummer was better because they are both the fucking greatest... just so different. one metal and the other mathematical. both are such aggressive, stylistic musicians! such a joy to see perform.

the Deadbeats were a great band. i don't know if we've mentioned them in the Hall of Fame thread. they were post-Nightmares. Brian, John, Tad and the incredible Tim Paretti -- 1991, 92, 93, maybe. I have a video that Keith Smith shot of the Deadbeats at the Offshore Cafe that will peel your eyelids off. "Shameless" is the word that comes to mind. this was the jam band from FUCKING hell. not any of that wimpyass phish jamming bullshit. these guys wanted your fucking attention and weren't going to stop until they got it. not if it took ALL NITE -- a 20 minute version of Orange Blossom Special -- "did i hear someone ask for a 20 minute rocket trip to bluesville? lets go!" you have to be heavily committed to the project to go 20 minutes on OBS. your audience has to be mighty forgiving for 20 minutes of OBS -- but there we were on that sweaty, beer soaked astroturf, hanging on every note. i am so ashamed, but better for it. what a great band!

never thought I'd say this, but i miss the Offshore! what a great club. that place had the best atmosphere. tiny, ambitious, in a very cool downtown spot. served great food and beer. i have nothing but great memories of the Offshore.

as i remember the Deadbeats played their final gig at Richard A's -- or whatever name it was operating under at the time (Legends? Fat Mo's Sports Palace?). and the audience was incredible! the place was packed with people who "got it" about this band and were there for the duration -- 20 minute Orange Blossom Specials and all. such love in the room!


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