Tuesday, January 21, 2003

There was a band called Curious George that played JC circa 1989. They were from Kentucky, and played a sort of ska flavored type of bar rock. I never saw 'em, but I heard some live tapes.

I'm willing to bet that many of you would agree that 63 Eyes was one of the most ass-kicking bands to visit JC, and I was wondering if anybody had a copy of their cassette only release "I"m not me but I play me on TV". Mark Ryalls has a copy of "Look in for Mothmen", which is good, but this is much better. I just have a demo tape with some songs from Mothmen. I'd love to hear that tape.

I'm coming into Johnson City next Monday, the 27th. I'm mixing a new song with Keith Smith. So I'll be around for 3 or 4 days, at Ditty's house.


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