Thursday, January 30, 2003

War is a terrible thing, but it is not the most terrible of all.  The idea that nothing is worth fighting for is the worst of all.  The goal of war is to ensure peace.  If we did not stand up and fight for what we believe in, then we would surely be overrun and our freedoms would be taken away.   There are genuinely evil people in the world.  If these people are not dealt with, then they will take over.  They do not care about being nice, keeping peace, or what others think.  They take pleasure in seeing others suffer.  If war is inevitable, people will die.  That happens in war.  Iraqi's are currently being tortured and killed for the simple reason that they expressed their opinion.  This is one of our most treasured freedoms, but we would not have this freedom is we did not have the freedom to keep and bear arms.
However, if you feel the need to support Saddam's dictatorship, then by all means go ahead and protest against America, while you still have the right to.


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