Monday, January 20, 2003

Well, I feel so comforted, though probably inappropriately, that serious dialogue has gone on on this blog that I wasn't involved in! After bearing my soul on this thing, I'm glad to see others express passion about stuff here so that I don’t feel so alone. I think that should be the purpose of this tool of expression, and I could philosophize on and on about that as others have. We aren't just memorializing, because there is no pure memorial, but also redefining stuff at the same time. I think that’s not only inevitable, but necessary. Personally, I have no desire whatsoever to return to 1989 and who I was then--a confused individual racked by insecurity. Though I still struggle, I actually now have moments of peace and clarity that are increasing all the time. And I’m SO glad.

What happened in the J.C. scene---all those bands emerging at once in a deadend town, was a testament to miracles that occur in the midst of entropy, but here I move into a philosphy of grace which is best kept in check.

So---Rick Milhorn--don’t quit blogging! And Scott---what’s this about waiting a month to blog again? What? Remember, when I first started posting here I threatened to quit due to “inevitable ‘misunderstandings’ that are often a natural part of human interaction”, but I’m still here because I trusted that I could be myself here and still have my boundaries about me. So no one leave. Emily Dickinson would be saddened.


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