Thursday, January 09, 2003

you are right, lisa. it was a post sexton thing. who the hell has those pics?

i remember the gump thing. didn't have the energy to go on that excursion, which is probably why you guys had the good luck not to be arrested. which reminds me of The Clock that used to reside at the funeral home across from 709 North Roan. remember how creepy it was that a funeral home would have such a groovy clock as if to remind everyone that time is running out? when that place was being sold we plotted and schemed and dreamed about snatching that thing before it was lost forever. well, the last time we were in JC, John and I were talking to someone -- can't remember who -- but they said that The Clock lives! neither John nor I can remember who told us this or where The Clock is, just that it is still ticking -- somewhere. safely.

also, i forgot to mention that if you follow that link i posted to Tip of the Hat, there is also a very large quicktime file of video of the nightmares at the reunion show. i think it is Batman.


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