Wednesday, February 12, 2003

anyone got any duct tape i can get a hold of ?
maybe we should leave the drinking and lieing to the pol sci majors( ,,, feel beter yet bill?) and the killing to the ROTC guys and gals .. and the sweet music that makes us question it all to da rockers .. long live elvis , buddy holly and brian and the nightmares ,, they are like the old movie eddie and the crusers .. gone but not forgotten ,,, things aint been right since them odd longhaired englishmen came over here anyway ,, and the stones stole da blues ... thats what made the JC music different we were hanging on to real hard rock and roll .. rock a billy and all that in the style of joey ramone ,, the kind of music that makes you want to move around and shake
another jc story ;; i worked the campus radio high atop the warp/pickle buliding and hated to play the play list .. wam , boy george etc,, so i locked myself in and played wilson picket cause it was his birthday ,, if i rem sometime in march ,, they threw me off the air and i had to do the news the rest of the sem ... does anyone rem that ,, the program director had been trying to cautch me playing my stuff i had from buc ct. ramones, new wave,,, etc.. and ever time he would hear me he would run down and try to make a tape so he could give it to tom headly and bust me .. but frank bowman of LIFE would call me and tell me to jump back to the playlist of boy george and Wam ...drove the guy crazy .. Zimmerman i think was his name .... they finally got me on the "wicked pickets" birth day i couldnt take it any more ,, it was all picket that 1/2 hour before they busted me ,, anyway i did drug bust stories and things like that on my news ,, i was creating the theme for the dayly show on comedy central ... hey someone stole my idee ..


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