Sunday, February 09, 2003

Chris: Loved everything you said.
Every time I think about this war happening I see nothing but Iraqi children dying; their mothers trying to save them. And every time I tell my conservative friends that I don't agree with this war, they tell me I'm too naive and idealistic. How can not wanting innocent people to die possibly be idealistic? To me, it sounds like just a nice place to start. To them I say, gee, you must not expect much out of this existence. When I saw The Two Towers recently I thought, we need to go back to fighting wars with swords and bows and arrows. Man on man, and woman on woman. But even then war wasn't fair---10,000 take on 300 while whoever is in power sits on an ivory throne in some faraway place. Maybe I'm idealistic, but I'm not going to stop now---believing that somehow, some way, we have it in our capacity to solve problems differently, creatively, humanely. We're the most powerful country in the world, with all the nuclear power we need to destory the planet, yet other countries aren't allowed to harbor weapons of mass destruction? I don't see the U.N. security council searching North Dakota or Oak Ridge. And suddenly I'm remembering seeing some "live footage" on t.v. of "illegal aliens" crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. It was so funny to me---these cameras following these little black moving dots (one of those night time scenes where the
land is all white) crossing the border----eeek---like we're all supposed to freak out and resort to fear while the newscaster says that border patrol is "lax". I'm telling you----it is giving in to our fear that will destory us. I see it in my own daily journey through this life, so surely it would apply to us as a country---fear is our enemy. Our OWN fear and need to control the world is what led to Sept. 11. God help us.


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