Friday, February 21, 2003

Dear All

I noticed Brook mentioned the anti war rally at ETSU. I went to the one in Raleigh NC on Feb. 15th. It was fairly larger than I expected, at least 5000 people.

I won't put my two cents about Iraq here, since it's basically preaching to the choir.

However, if you go to, you can order a fancy anti-war sign for your own front yard, just like I've got. 4 or 5 of my neighbors, too.

Damn..... I just can't resist. I think the Bush Admin. wants the war not mainly for Iraqi oil. I think they want to do to Iraq what Bush Sr. (with Cheney as his Sect. of Defense) did in Panama in 1989; ensure a client state in a strategic area to ensure as many large military bases as they want, to hold sway in the Middle East. "Our" bases in Panama allow this in South America, same as the Phillipines in Asia. I guess Israel and Saudi just aren't reliable enough for the New American Century.




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