Thursday, February 13, 2003

Dogtown and Z Boys was one of the best documentaries ever and there was a lesson about doing your own thing and doing it well and letting the rest follow in your wake. That photo of Gary reminds me of seeing him play -- he used that same move with the bass. Now I know the rest of the story.

We decided a long time ago not to impose any kind of "test" to have the right to vote. The really bothersome thing about the butterfly ballots in Florida was the number of "over-votes." Where there was more than one candidate punched. How easy would it have been for anyone to to just make extra punches. Why wasn't that a widespread phenomena outside of the one district.

No matter who won or lost, the questions surrounding the election in Florida should worry any patriot. But we all know Rush isn't a patriot. No one who claims a pimple on his ass as a reason to sit out the war is not worthy of patriot-status. Al Gore volunteered. Where was Rush? Hiding out, applying ointment to his butt.


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