Tuesday, February 11, 2003

First of all... Bill has a military-age kid?!! Whaaaaa? I never knew.

Secondly, it's Milquetoast -- and i only mention this because it is one of my all-time favorite words -- along with hootenanny and epiphenomenal.

And thirdly -- I totally stand with anyone voicing dissent to the dangerous and stupid war and civil-liberty-eradicating crap being tossed at us by the bad monkey in the White House. But, I know not all JC bloggers share this view. I just want to affirm that fact. So there's my administrator's disclaimer. Please use this space to hash this shit out. Play nice and wear protection.

With that in mind, I want to add something that I find disturbing. In the last couple of weeks I received emails and calls from people who are really REALLY worried and depressed about this impending war. I guess people figure I stay on top of this shit and can lend some perspective to their anxiety. Like everyone else, I feel like I'm watching a train wreck, and there isn't shit I can do. I'm outraged, and as the calls have emails have shown me, retreat isn't an option. Current events have captured the attention the vast majority of the politically inactive -- have mobilized the mainstream, middle ground, middle class, middle american. Never has there been such unity against a war BEFORE it happens. The challenge is to do something with this energy. It's not enough to get mad and it feels crappy to just be depressed.

Chris is absolutely right in pointing fury at corporate media. The media took a right turn during the 90s with the help a very well-funded right-wing political apparatus (this is a great article outlining the "vast conservative conspiracy"). We might not have the money (yet, or ever), but we have the numbers because we (the people, as opposed to left, right and middle) ARE the majority. So, if any of the shit going on keeps you awake at night -- do what you can. Write a letter to the editor. Email news directors at CNN and MSNBC. Complain. Go to a demonstration. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Write your representatives. Be heard while it's still legal.

I KNOW all us bloggers don't agree on this stuff and that's okay. Please, grab the (virtual) pitcher of beer, pour a mug, and join the rant in our little virtual round table at Quarterbacks.


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