Sunday, February 16, 2003


Time for another early-morning post.
First, I want to start by saying, Rick, I'm a big fan, and Dink, I don't know you, but if Frank Bowman had your back, then you must be OK. It appears, though, that you both are more than a little misguided on this Iraq thing. I want to make this simple. As I've said before, we have had Saddam Hussein penned in for years, and we regularly engage him in battle. On top of that, we now have U2s patrolling the skies, constant satellite imaging, and lots of operatives on the ground. On the other hand, our old friend Mr. bin Ladin is still making videos which have wide play throughout the Arab world, exhorting others to take up his cause. We're damned right to be afraid of something, but it ain't in Iraq. Maybe someday, but right now, we've still got a score to settle with the al-quaeda.
For some reason, despite the fact that we own Afghanistan now, we're not very interested in it. Yes, we have the occasional firefight with Taliban and stragglers from The Base, but why in the fuck are we mobilizing our forces in a preliminary show of strength in Iraq when we're much better off putting every goddam soldier we can spare in Afghanistan? I've been listening to some talk about "the good war" on this blog, and how that was justified and Iraq is not. Some here may disagree with me, but I think Afghanistan is the closest we've come to WWII since 1945. First off, there was just a humanitarian mess going on over there. Woman were absolutely subjugated, ancient religious icons were destroyed out of pure ignorance, and the leadership hosted a man whose main intention is to control the Middle East and kill anyone who eats at McDonald's. It took the destruction of U.S. property to get us over there, which is too bad, but it finally woke us up to do something in that fucking warlord-driven pit besides give them weapons and training to fight the Russians. Then, just like we did in Iraq a decade ago, we got the hell out of there before the job was finished. Talk about not learning from our HISTORY!
We should have every cave in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan staked out or occupied by our troops. If Musharef don't like it, rock the casbah, I say, but no, it's not happening. I remember Bush talking all that shit about getting bin Ladin "dead or alive," like a goddam cowboy or something. But now it's not so important for us to have him, our leaders say. What a bunch of limp-dick bullshit. Absolutely nothing would be symbolically better at this point to demoralize The Base and make all our duct-tape buying, plastic hoarding pussies feel good than to show us all that motherfucker's head sticking out of the sand, with maggots coming out of his eyes. I fucking hate Osama bin Ladin for what he's done to this country, and I'm pissed off at our leaders for letting him go on with impunity. You just don't let a woman-hating religious zealot set the agenda for anybody, but that's exactly what we're letting him do. Meanwhile, we're all set to go in and bomb fucking Iraq for no good reason other than it's easier than plan A.
I have a hypothesis about the reason why the Bushies favor plan A2. Republicans have to have a boogie man. Whether it's hippies or communists or Willie Horton or the Ayatollah or Bill Clinton or welfare mothers, they have to prop up a straw man to give people something to hate, so they can get on with the business of making themselves richer and more powerful. I know this is a broad stroke, but I've just seen it too many times.What better boogie man to have than bin Ladin. He serves three purposes: He makes people scared and angry and frustrated; he allows the Bushies to get rid of their now-useless boogie man, Saddam; and he gives our corporations easier excuses to control more oil. Hydrogen cells my ASS! The next 20 years are crucial to the history of our environment, and Bush is talking about hydrogen cell vehicles, which won't be available for, you guessed it, about another 20 years. This literally fell into the administration's lap, unless you believe the conspiracy theories out there (I don't. I think we just plain old screwed the pooch with our handling of bin Ladin before Sept 11. But that's another discussion.)
My more dovish blog colleagues will disagree, but there are plenty of good reasons to be rid of Saddam, and none of them have to do with oil. Read Thomas Friedman in the New York Times for good arguments about fucking that devil. And in other scenarios down the road, I wouldn't necessarily disagree with doing it. But there is absolutely no need to go in there now, while we're making slow and steady progress with the inspections, and the world is getting angrier and angrier with us about our plans. But here we are, ready to sacrifice our own soldiers, not to mention possibly hundreds of thousands of our friends in Israel and Turkey (who will both get a few shots of chemical warhead action -- remember, Patriot missles DON'T WORK!)
But now we're in a nearly untenable position. Even Colin Powell has sold his soul, for Christ's sake. No good can come of this. I wanted to travel the world before I died, but fuck that now. We'll all just be fucking targets after we do it this way. But who cares, right? It'll make for exciting TV, we'll have something to feel good about, and the baby boomers -- well, they're just going to have to get used to having no decent retirement, unless they were already rich, of course.
I'm tired now, and I'm going to bed.

(admin note: this is from Tad Dickens)


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