Wednesday, February 05, 2003

a JC/gun story;
I was taking a planning class under Marcionia (big eye tal yun) at ETSU and the class was hard ,, well Al Maki came by and wanted to go somewhere for a road trip ..i dont rem where ,, i needed to study and the next day was the last day to drop classes .i had a D average ... i had to make a decision ..drop or partay.. so i decided the thing to do was to shoot the book and drop the class and find peace .. alan maki humored me and went with me outside city limits and we placed the book on the side of a hill and i pulled out my 38 from my boot and shot the dang thing .. maki guessed the bullet would land on page 365 , it landed on 363 4 and 5 ,,, i went back to school for other classes and saw the big eyetalyun and he ask why i had droped .. i told him hey "if a 38 couldnt get through that book there was no way i could" .. the next year when i took the class over he was really easy on me ,, wonder why humm .. he still tells his classes about that and has ask me back several times to speak to his classes since.. i have went to talk about coummunity dev stuff not ballsitic's .. when i first went to ETSU i carried my 38 in my boot . where i came from everyone carried a gun ,, no big deal really in Keokee Va on the harlan county ky boarder.... i could never figure out where everyone there at ETSU carried there guns ,, all tennis shoes no boots .. after a while i got to where i didnt carry it to school as i was acclaimated to the college way of also fell out of my boot a few times when i would do the gator and flip out of my wheelchair .. it would slide across the dance floor and i would say excuse me and crawl over and tuck it back in .. hey cant a cripple man gator with out being staired at?


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