Thursday, February 27, 2003

the johnson city , industrial dev athority is looking for a new exe dir ,, downtown seems to be their biggest concern ,,, so waht would you recomend doing to make downtown a better place ,, if thats not to much of a value statement .... I allways thought about apts filled with college students with a shuttle or rail car running back and forth from downtown and the campus ,of some kind like,, the city had in days of old ,, when it was "little Chigao" ,, student housing on the second what a study said to help downtown,, in grundy va where they are moving the town out of flood plain ,, i guess get people there first ,, lit'l chicago inplies ,, gambleing ,, jazz , blues etc..clubs ... is that what we need ("here in no name city" -ie paint your wagon)students living over a bar ? sounds good to me so .. far ....what would you guys and gals on here is what i would do or like to see done ,,, if un ... you or your drinking buddy got the job as exe dir of down town jc economic environment ect development,,


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