Tuesday, February 25, 2003

on the club fire thing...

Mark E. Ryalls called the other day to say that "metal needs large, open spaces. Squeeze it in itty bitty clubs, and someone is going to get hurt."

Remember when Thirsty's burned? Anyone recall the circumstances? Anyone recall Kevin Hurley's Top Ten Reasons Why Thirsty's Burned as published in Psychic Sex Turnip? It's quite foggy, but does, "Wintons to Spanex" ring any bells?

There was a band that played at the West Warrick club, a few months back that shot video of their pyro bouncing off the ceiling and spewing back down to the stage. That was before the owners installed new "soundproofing," which was apparently egg-crate foam purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond instead of at a stage supply company. What's the diff? Flammability, price and whether or not it really serves as acoustic insulation.

Acoustic insulation is freakin' expensive because it's crazy-ass engineered shit that won't catch on fire and actually makes a room quieter. The really sad thing is that the club owners/stage manager went out and bought cheap egg-crate which didn't make the club any quieter, and ended up killing 96 people. It's like lining a room with lighter fluid.


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