Wednesday, February 26, 2003

we blow a big wind about democracy and freedom -- but, when push comes to a shove -- (depending on where you live) your neighbors would pretty much mow you down in their SUV with mass-mania appropriate to college-football playoffs before honoring your right to dissent.

case in point. Granted this happened in Cobb County (Gringrich's district), Georgia and God help anyone who lives there, but sheesh -- how ugly is this? A 42-year-old mother of four is spat on, told to get the fuck out of the country, and told to "go to hell" by an elderly man -- in front of television cameras. Why? Because she was exercising her right to free speech by holding a sign that read, "No War for Oil" along the route of a presidential motorcade.

It makes me glad these people live in gated communities. When the shit hits the fan, maybe someone will have the good sense to lock them in.


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