Thursday, March 20, 2003

(apropos to nothing except my anger which is in full-bloom right now.)

People who VOLUNTEERED for the military -- soldiers -- fully understanding that their sole mission is to KILL bad guys and therefore stand the risk of being killed themselves, DO NOT merit sentimentality in the form of "support our troops," or "bring them home safely," or any crap involving emotional outpouring. They are trained to do a job and their job is to go out there and kill and be killed. The blood of the troops is on Bush's hands. Not mine. Fuck a bunch of "support the troops" propaganda.

Saying it's about supporting the troops is a lame, Wal-Mart brand of state-approved sentiment. We HAVE to SUPPORT the troops or else face the charge of disrespecting the vets like when protesters in the 60s supposedly spat upon returning Vietnam vets. Well, guess what! That is a lie.

No one has ever corroberated the "spitting protester" myth. It never happened. And the only purpose the story serves is to SHAME anyone who might dissent from dropping bombs on third world countries.

All this talk about our poor troops being in danger is insulting. Of course they're in danger -- it's a fucking war for christsakes. They are soldiers serving in the best-equipped fighting force on the face of the earth. They don't require my emotional support. They already have my tax money. That's all they get.

You don't have to be against the war because our trained fighting force might be in danger. Be against the war because His Illegitimacy, Bush, is a lying patsy and he's destroyed more than a half century of collective security in pursuit of a
wacko neo-con plan for world domination.

If we really cared about the military we'd make damn sure to
avoid this war thru diplomacy.

If we really cared, we'd bitch-slap the
Republicans for cutting money to the Veterans Administration and VA hospitals.

And, if Saddam was such a big threat, don't you think one of his belly-flopping SCUDs would have killed some people by now? Where's the Iraq-sponsored attack on American soil? Where's the incursion into Israel? Where's the weapons of mass destruction? If the whole idea is that his WMD are a threat to the US, don't you think he would be putting them to use NOW?
We've all been lied to.


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