Sunday, March 02, 2003


Wow, I forgot. We now have in the United States a legal definition of "hate-speech" with attendant legal consequences.

For my assignment I present The Johnson City Blogger, unless of course "moron" and "ogre" are just endearing nick-names for George Bush. I realize that this does not meet the legal defination of hate-speech, but the very existence of "legal hate-speech" means that they one day could.


First of all there are no "innumerable persons arrested in the United States" at Gitmo. 99.99 percent of them were brought over from Afghanistan as prisoners of war. Of the few people arrested in the United States, most are suspected of being part of terrorists cells acting in the United States and are not US citizens. I have seen only one instance of a United States citizen being held without access to his attorneys. He is accused of traveling to the Middle East and trying to contact members of Al-Quida. Maybe his civil rights are being violated. Then again, maybe people are alive today because they are holding him for questioning.

As to your remarks concerning civil disobedience, you apparently didn’t understand a thing I said unless of course you support charging protesters with a felony, fining them six figures and giving them double digit jail terms for blocking a sidewalk or chaining themselves to a nuclear power-plant gate.


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