Thursday, March 06, 2003

Is that the best you can come up with, Brook: one TBI agent asking questions at a rally? Gotta give you credit for trying. It is at least something tangible around which to form an opinion, even an unrealistic one. Much better than the lame non-responses from pretty much everybody else. But it does not amount to protest quashing. Strong claims require strong evidence. Also, you might want to re-read my blog. It had nothing to do with abortion or Bill Clinton. It was about protests and the total lack of concern by the Left when a particular group of people were singled out for some extra special punishment for doing nothing more than was being done by PETA, Earth First and other Left Wing groups. I believe I did a fair job of making all that clear. Anything else you read into it came from you, not me. Perhaps if you engaged more gray matter and less viscera...

Bill: Show me one thing in my blog that was not true. When you can't, ask yourself why people refuse to adjust their mind-set when they are shown that their perceptions are wrong, or at least, wildly innacurate.


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