Wednesday, March 19, 2003

now thats what I'm talking about ,, I bet Bill is happy now .. I really liked the ticket and blow job comparison .. I think the dixie chick and Toby Keith are in a pissing contest right now ,, i saw where her record fell from 1st place on bill board ....i hope you are right about him not having weapons of mass wup ass and destruction .. i am afraid we are about to find that one out .. alll these issues will come to a head and be found out with in the next few days .. except fot the Halliburton we allready know they allready got the contract to put out the fires of oil wells .. that ones allready happen .. did you see the piece on Sadam and his sons favorite way to kill someone ? and mulcher .. feet first using the head is to quick and they had much more fun watching them watch there feet cut to little pieces... nice guy's for sure these o' boz
Didnt say i wanted to stop dixie chick,,, just ashamed of comments like that hours before we send in kids just like in the 60's only 20 years old ,, even think its healthy for protest just not right now .. cops need to be at airports and bridges not carrying around pacifast right now for the next few days till the dust has settled and we are all dead or he is one .. heck i wish it was not that way, as much as anybody but it aint ,, thats what it boil's down to .. us or them ,,, ,, Sadam gives the family of each sucide bomber in Israle thounsands of bucks for blowing themselves up and killing inocents ..thats how the peace protestor got run over by a bulldozer the jews are bulldozering the houses of the familys of the bombers ,, this has slowed it some .. thats the kind of world we live in .. i dont like it but i cant denie it...


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