Tuesday, March 18, 2003

ok here goes then if the throat thing was better
i think the suprem ct was right ,, Bush won
I want to kill any person like Sadam and his rapist son's and evil supporters ,, yes i do before they get me and my family I WANT TO KIll anyone who supports terriost who wants to kill me and my family and wants my way of life(ice cream , mouses ear stuff llike that) killed ie.. inifels,and amercia's that means me and you .. or us all unless you are one of his nut followers...
I belive Sadam is a bad guy not Bush
I am ashamed of the ditzy chicks
I think you should ask some one who was in nyc on 911 what they think
I dont think france should set our policy on international affairs
I have a sister's son in the miltary .. gunner on a black hawk over there right now
I think its about more than oil
I think 911 helped send the economy in the tank and the culture of its ok to tell a big un (as enron and all the accounts have done )..ie I did not have sex with that woman ,, and it depends on what is is ...
I think our police have better things to do right now than lift misguided kids into policwe vans right now during this week while we are at war .. but any other time i think it s ok ..
I think the people of Iraq will welcome freedom
I think our miltary only want's to take out miltiary instalations and people who want to kill us unlike the 9-11 cowards and other act's by the terriorist
i like meat
I go to sunday school (that makes me an infidel i guess) and i dont want to kill anyone else who dont or even wants to go somewhere other than where i go
I know martin sheen only plays the pres on tv (pissss he really aint ), maybe when they cant haver the Oscars it will wake them up out on the left coast ..
I think delay will only make it worst and wish we had done this sooner and there are a few more countrys who support terriorst acts against us that we need to get next...
I dont think all that makes me a bad american
i think i have kids i want to see grow up safe
I think they wanted a war well they got it ..
i think the world allready hates us and the middle east is already a mess that we cant make any worst by taking out one madman who's hero and he has tried to model himself after ...is Joe Stalin

hows that bill? better?... let the throat going after begin ..


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