Thursday, March 20, 2003

ok so the clinton thing was a bit of a stretch...

.and i loved the poem ... ..that was great .. , thank you .. sorry if i was venting .. I 'll slow down and go back to normal .. i guess i was a little worked up .. and worried about those kids .. kids in the desert .. just kids wearing gas mask and puting chemical suits on .. in the desert..

.. wow a one hit war .. if Sadam has 45 decoy Sadam's .???. ( well 44 after this morning attack ) looks like a Turkey shoot .. excuse the pun i think they are now part of the "coilition of the willing"
bill i look fwd to hearing from you ..
just the fact that we are talking about it is good ...we all are trying to find answers to things going on all around us that is so historic it is allmost too much to digest ... a missle hit sort of kind of seems like a mafia hit allmost ..Team Bush is thinking outside the box ..... it seems like state sponsored assination instead of a war a little bit dont it? .. ( but i guess theres no turning back ).. something we have allways been against but it is a different way to fight a war ...I guess we got some of them but still have 44 Sadams to go ... like a play station game ,,, kill the Sadams with a missle guided from space by some 22 year old kid in a 10x 10 airconditioned moveable control room in Kuwate. .Its like in Doonesberry where the intern calls in an air strikes,,.... for these kids with this technology the screen just goes blank .. they dont die in a jungle on this one it would appear.. boy i would hate to just by bad luck of the draw be a guy who looked like Sadam in that area right now..


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