Wednesday, March 26, 2003

yes it is true halliburton got the job .. thats amercia for you we got a problem we make $ fixing it .. capitalism is bee-u - tee full .. well efficent anyway .. ha ha ...and it is hard to make one of them thangs shine .. grandmaw used that term when we would try and lie to her ,, which was not to often as you can imagine ..hey why do you think the unions are for drilling in Alaska in Anwar and $ he picked up the 10 thou + or so halliburton votes right there .jobs and votes .. and we can used there oil to rebuild this time unlike Afganistand,. do you want the iraq people, not miitary ,to shoot at us ? would that be good ? i dont understand .. as allways am a little confused .. must have been the 70's and 80's (in JC TN) put together with some late 1960's .. showing myage ,, i was born in 1957 so i rem the mess we had in vietnam well and had a friend killed there ..i still would rather see the Sandam guy use the gas there in bagdad than here in a big city in the usa .. if he has it which i hope he dont .. hope you are right there .. the bush doctrine is good in that it says if you dont help us get terriorst then,, you are one of them ,(with us or against us )and i didnt see Sadam turn any over ...therefore he must be one ..i know it aint as good as the clinton thing i tried to slip past you all but hey,, its a theory...


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