Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Here's another post delivered straight to my Hotmail account.... I present Sindy Byrd... Now Syntha Lorenz. She really is a psychotherapist now!


Hi there everyone,

Fomerly Sindy, the bar maiden currently Syntha, the psychotherapist.  The illustrious Elizabeth, upon a recent visit to San Franscisco, informed me of the website.  I caught up this morning skimming the archives. "The fat guy that used to play bass for the Dusters" name is Dave.  Sam is Bert's brother.  Bert chose his name when he arrived here in US after Bert Reynolds.   What a trip down the old memory lane, some pleasant and some downright painful memories all rose to the surface.  Yesterday I saw the movie, "Laurel Canyon" it's an appropriate precursor to sending a story in today. It's a must see for reminiscing the rock and roll lifestyle.  I have many many great stories, all of which are remembered sketchily due to my altered stated of consciousness.  For me though, there were years of fun in the height of the JC scene.  I think I arrived, via my childhood girlfriend Ann, as things really started to take off.  Todd moved to JC from Nashville with his blonde girlfriend Janet, his address book, and connections to other bands.  I think he helped our small scene grow by bringing in all those great bands. Do you guys remember Government Cheese, or that Goth band from Nashville with the bald bass player.  I'll think of the name later.  Stinky Finger in their early days with Johnny Rotten, What ever happened to him?  

OK, which story shall I tell?  It could be about the dentist who funded the Highlander days or one of the many great Heather stories, including the one where we go-go danced on the stacks for a Nightmares show.  However, I am sworn to the girlfriend code of silence and would only reveal if all parties are in agreement.  I could tell one involving a devilish deb and a sound guy with their pants off just as the girlfriend broke down the door and took the boyfriend on a death ride.  Due to the nature of the material, I think I should contemplate the stories.  You know how the bartender can see too much.



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