Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I don't know who the owners of the Otter are now, but I hear strange stories about them, the truth of which I haven't a clue. They have bands play in the back and on the patio, and they've renovated the upstairs with an extra bar up there and pool tables. This Saturday, the band Tonic is playing---$7 to get in. The college crowd gets a little annoying to me too, mainly because the acoustics in there are shitty. Jimmy Constable still bartends there. They still brew beer, but at the grand opening I heard they didn't have any brewed yet. Ahh Johnson City. I just hope they still make their black bean quesadillas. Does anyone know what happened to a Nashville band, the Billygoats? They used to play at the Otter and Down Home, but I haven't heard anything about them in over a year.


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