Wednesday, April 16, 2003

sometimes i get posts sent straight to my hotmail account.... here's one from Russ Onks.

Saw the continuing list of old bands from back in the day. My 2 cents:

The Velt - (Kay Why FRY CHI?) Vernon Reed doesnt have that pull now.

Manray - Athensy band

Chapter Two - (surely mentioned before) The most damned infectious groove, pop, skabilly band to give
me tingly feelings ( IF anyone has any of there stuff recorded let me know please)

63 Eyes - the Kings of it all. (Dose-Nitos-Eyesing) James, Drew and Myself , dosed, with about a gross of
Whippets and the Eyes at the Highlander. Brian Releva Sucking my jacket all night long?

Snatches of Pink - Stoned Stones stuff (Sara the drummer was cool)

five-eight - Good guys but my mom bared them from the house.

The Roosevelts - bared with five-eight (Sorry guys)

DEFPOTEC - at the Pub Out back grande opening... that was scary. Frat boys loved us ( Millworker Younquist

and who can forget the night at the Highlander that Barbara and Brook presented "800 lab rodents run wild
in her wet nun poon." (Todd should have gaurded those letters better) -- [editor's note... this refers to rearranging letters on the Highlander sign... nothing more, I swear!]

Ok that's all i can do for now Im spent. Hope that helped.


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