Wednesday, May 14, 2003

You know, Lisa, I'd totally forgotten that Donnie's dad was in the Geography Dept. For some reason, I had this idea that he was in the Math dept. I always thought that, from the time I was a kid. Sorry, Donnie. I hope they're still able to get a lot of info on the fossil site in Gray, which is really fascinating.

Have not seen either the "24-hour party people" movie or "holes". The last movie I saw that I loved was "catch me if you can" with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks---a film about Frank Abignale, a big con-man in the 60's who now works for the FBI. I don't find Tom Hanks very believable in most roles, but he was really great, I thought. Am really looking forward to seeing The Matrix Reloaded. Maybe we should all recommend our top 3 movies for Brook's friend in Florida.


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