Wednesday, June 25, 2003

To relieve Dave's Dave's trepidations concerning the stories in johnson city stories:

To continue with the HRR stories, the last one I recall was when my girlfriend at the time got upset because ther were too many of my ex's on the dock( she was of the opinion that once you broke up, you shouldn't be friends, I guess). She decided to run away and I decided to stay. But anyway, scot hinson and I found a rowboat and decided to go out for a trek into the lake. He used to be a sea scout back in High School, so I trusted him even tho we were both so deep in cups that neither could see straight. We visited, partook and were subsequently released from several parties that were going on along the shore. I remember vaguely being physically being placed in our boat while asking if anyone had a dry cigarette. Surprisingly got one. Scot and I left the group of fun people who figured us out (4th party we hit, they were the only ones who disconered we didn't beer and smokes from the rest). Suddenly, we found ourselves asea without our GPS....completely lost, in the middle of Boone Fucking Lake, in a rowboat, and with one dry cigarette. Starting to panic, scot decides that I need to learn how to be a sea scout too. Luckily I was saved from this odious task by one T. Cecil Coker. As Scot was teaching me the mechanics of rowing, Tony just popped out of the water on our starboard (aft, flank, hell....I don't know) side. We were miles from the camp, and Tony guided us back to our party. If T. Cecil is still posting, How the Fuck did you find us and what werer you doing swimming out that far?


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