Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hello blog... been a long time, but i have a medical excuse. i herniated 2 disks in my back, and then got a blood clot, and also had some kind of weird puking fever. i've been sick for a month. hospitalized twice. i could go on and on about the shitty state of healthcare, but i think i'm just going to say this: why can't you shop for a physician the way you would shop for any other service? a lawyer or a landscape designer.

i've gone to the same doc for 7 years. she was the newest kid on the block when i got my healthcare plan, ergo she was the next available doc, ergo that's who i was told to go by my insurance plan. i didn't know anything about her -- what she studied in school or even WHERE she went to school. it wasn't like i could check her out and then go check out another doc. it was like, be damn glad you have insurance and shut the hell up.

why is this? you'd think that people would really care about knowing everything they can about their healthcare providers. but just try to find anything out. i know way more about a car before i buy it... or about computer or audio equipment. you at least get the brochure or surf the website... look at the specs... compare features. jeez -- with doctors, people you rely on to keep you alive -- you are expected to just take the next one available. that's if you're lucky enough to have insurance.

you might be wondering what my doc did to piss me off so bad. it's not any one thing. it's a general state of bullshit. for instance, since this latest illness happened, she hasn't once conferred with me about what is wrong. she never said "this is what is wrong and this is what we are going to do." i've had to sleuth out my diagnosis -- and naturally i only have the most shallow (read: frightening) understanding of what it is. so... that pisses me off. every direct question i asked was met with a brush off.

here's another... how would you feel if you ask you doctor for help with pain management and they hand you a bag of samples and say, "i'm not sure what this is, but go ahead and take it and see what happens."

SEE WHAT HAPPENS! what the hell. let's not do that at all. lets find out what is in this medicine. lets see if it might interact with shit i'm already taking. i swear she gives out stuff from the sample cabinet b/c she's too busy to think about prescribing anything. LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS! is this what healthcare has come to? are these people all on drugs?


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