Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hello everyone. It's funny; I read the blog, and then I'm bombarded with all these thoughts about the past, etc. - this stream-of-consciousness stuff, and I think, my God, I need to post this. (happens usually at night). Then, the next morning, it's lost, and, besides, it seems pointless. Don't know where I'm headed with this.

My entrance into the Johnson City music scene came by way of being 8 years old, when I first entered University School. While I was a student there, I met Mark, Donnie, John Smith, Kurt, Scott Plez, and others who later became a part of that "other world". It's really weird, knowing people for that long. There is an odd sort of innocence that gets preserved, so that the lense through which I see those people, and the stuff they/we were a part of, is still attached to little things like Kung Fu lunch boxes and learning multiplication tables. And decisions/perceptions about/of relationships were/are made differently because of that, even now.

I recently interviewed a school nurse in Carter County who is Hispanic for my job, and she explained to me the visible change in kids when they move from an elementary school environment to junior high. At University School, since it was a grade 1-12 school, transformation of the psychological kind happened differently, with this obvious innocence holding together an entrance into adolescence. In some ways, I think it was painful for us, or for me anyhow.

Oh dear. I fear I sound like a Judy Bloome novel.

More later.


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