Thursday, August 28, 2003

most lynchian JC story...? great question... in a way i think David Lynch should come clean on his favorite Johnson City Story.

Did anyone else see Blue Velvet the ONE WEEK it played in the Goodies Clothing shopping centre theaterplex? What was that feeling? recognition... reflection? Lumberton WAS so easily Johnson City... the saturated colors and highly acceptable neighborhoods... sidewalks and creeps in muscle cars... crooked deals and smoky bars and never.... not once.... does anything beg for explanation. and that's okay because... look... a robin!

then, Twin Peaks! Does anyone remember the completely sincere excitement of watching Twin Peaks unfold every week on Friday night? John says the bass player from the Paralyzers claimed he was going to have to quit the band to watch the show... they broke up during the shows' run... who knows.

Twin Peaks dug deeper into Lynch's steamy pile of Meta Shit. The Black Lodge. Good and Evil. the Log Lady (Is it just me or did the Log Lady not totally remind you of Edie Patrick?). It's the metaphysical lynch that i think most closely resonates with Johnson City. What Lisa said about the murder at beauty spot when the flock of birds fell from the sky... all VERY Lynch... but the tastiest burnt kernel there is that a very similar murder had happened at Beauty Spot nearly twenty years prior... making the event seem ever more so fated or SCRIPTED to happen as if a hungry ghost was lured from his cave in the laurels by the smell of fresh betrayal. the unfortunate couple were supposedly having an affair. it's so lynch it's beyond lynch. oh god... it's uberlynch!

the mountains are moody, dangerous creatures and poppa eraserhead did a good job of exploring that theme without sounding lame. he got lucky, but he's not the genius i thought he was. wild at heart... lost highway... mullhulland drive... he's not even trying anymore. i think the early lynch would find something interesting to say about the Beauty Spot yarn... the post-twin peaks lynch would have to incorporate hot lesbian sex scenes into it to make it interesting for himself and anyone else. he's gotten old, sad and embarrassing. JC, on the other hand, despite the new, sad and embarrassing strip malls, is still quite noire. with or without hot lesbian sex.

there is one recent David Lynch production, "Rabbits." has anyone seen it? it sounds promising. Three people in bunny suits doing a staged one-act. But even if he's on to something Rabbit-suit themed, it's only because people in bunny suits have been blowing in the zeitgeist since Duncan's senior show which, i am convinced, is somehow responsible for the repetition of the image of grown people in bunny suits for the last ten years. if you haven't noticed it, you haven't been looking. people in bunny suits are EVERYWHERE. Donnie Darko... anyone see that? This is funny. I loaned that DVD to mr Relleva the week it came out which also happened to be easter weekend. after watching it, he says he was outside on his front porch looking down the row of perfectly aligned front porches and down a way... maybe 3 porches down, there was a full-grown person in a giant rabbit suit casually waving at him. sooooooo creepy!

when i was little my mother sewed a pink bunny costume for me for halloween. i'd love to have that now or one my size that i could wear whenever i go out and work in the garden. the thought CRACKS me up. but i am heavily medicated. funny thing about morphine... last time i had to take it for my back i had constant william burroughs black, shiny, exoskeleton insect dreams and visions. this time around, i close my eyes and i see dewey-eyed, furry animal face wallpaper. like little ferret faces repeated ad nauseum. or poodles. meercats! BUNNIES!!


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