Wednesday, August 27, 2003

thanks for the thoughts you guys. i've been diagnosed with vertebral osteomyelitis -- or, a sick bone in my back. i'm in a brace (arg, some of the time), on IV antibiotics, got a TENS unit and plenty of narcotics for the pain. they hope that four to six weeks on antibiotics will make it go away. in the meantime i'm bedridden, which is just too freaking weird.

i wish i could blame my ill-health for my lack of posting, but that would be a lie. i've been so pissed off with politics that every time i sit down to write, the only stuff that comes out is frothy hatred for all things bush. i'm sincerely afraid the bushies are pathologically out of control. and there's so much stuff to say about it, it's exhausting. sure, there's the concrete worries about the economy and the war -- but i'm finding myself being even more outraged by the trivial shit -- like the commander in chimp taking a FUCKING MONTH VACATION while the country careens out of control. he's golfing while his troops are being picked off 3 and 4 at a time. do you know anyone who takes a month vacation every year? i've never heard of such a thing. wouldn't that be great though? a whole month off a year -- not including the generous time off for holidays. wow, that would make work seem almost humane. wouldn't it be nice if the Commander in Chimpster himself encouraged congress to mandate the same amount of holiday for us "regular joes?" hell, wouldn't it be nice if a reporter would simply ASK him to justify his month's vacation every year? man, when these narcotics kick in, they really send me off to la la land...


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