Sunday, September 07, 2003

as many of you guys know, i've been in the hospital on and off all summer long. tonite is the first titans game (which to me is the official start of autumn) and i'm going to watch it from the ancient 15" Magnavox hanging from the wall in this hellhole, i mean prison, i mean place of healing.

Maybe it's the drugs -- I'm on a constant drip of Dilaudid, plus i can pump my own every few minutes. Nurses wake me up every day at 6am, "your Valium Ms. Hines," and continue this ritual every 6 hours all day -- but why is it, when you are all alone with no sensory input except the ticking of the clock and dripping of the IV, that your mind fills with the most foul of pop songs. I've had Rod Stewart's Heart and Soul STUCK in my head for a week solid. Mentally, I have to sing every word. Here's another I can't get rid of, Bob Seagar, Rock and Roll Never Forgets. Whatthefuckingfuck? I HATE Bob Seagar. But every half hour, here's my brain... "you can come back baby..." What a lame song, anyway. It's like his producer said, "write a commercial for 'rocknroll,' man.' God, yuck! No sooner have i recovered from the late 70s aural hallucinations, than i hear The Waitressess singing "I know what boys like, I know what guys want..." I always hated that song too. Such a Walmart interpretation of punk rock. And the chick who sang it was really quite unattractive and annoying in the video -- which would be fine with just a little more irony thrown in. But alas... we're to believe that men are such simple creatures that not only can the downmarket singer, but all women, everywhere can have any man wrapped about her press-on nailed little finger with the right combination of cliched flirting techniques (lick lips, suck hard candy, toss and run bony fingers thru bad 80s hair -- and he's all yours! Any fish that can be caught with that bait needs to be checked for illness. But that's beside the point.... I'M THE SICK ONE HERE. I should be having all the yummy, happy hallucinations these pharmaceutical drugs can provide, and they should be good.

Whatever happened to my wallpaper bunnies?


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