Sunday, September 07, 2003

Ha! scott -- I remember that night. Lisa kept saying she "brained" herself. poor thing. had a taco-shaped bruise on her forehead for weeks. Drew was there too because i remember Lori Moore (is that her name?) -- went to vet school in mississippi -- kept calling him Duke because he was wearing a Duke University t-shirt that said DUKE real big across. Lori is completely entertained by repeatedly calling him duke instead of drew. Lynn Youngquist was there b/c she kept saying, "HA ha, Drew is Duke -- we are going to start calling you duke, the duke of drew...." on and on.

we left because a car drove up and said we were Tresapassin'. Can't recall if they were cops or just guards from the animal clinic. We apologized profusely in our very best imitations of fine upstanding PBR-drinking citizens. But i remember (half jokingly) asking if this were a common problem, and they said that yes, as a matter of fact, people bring boom boxes down there and everything!

As far as the being a bunch of LOSERS, for hanging out and drinking under a bridge next to the rail road -- all I can say is, "come on." It's big, honking American Gothicanna. Pabst Blue Ribbon! Underage drinking! Hitting your head HARD on the industrial revolution. We were doing research. However, if we were STILL drinking PBR, under that bridge, I would totally agree. Loserville.


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