Friday, October 24, 2003

along that river fer a thousand miles the tattooed cannibals danced in files

Thanks for the text preference advice, Brook; it did the trick!
Isn't it odd how every time somebody from Tex-ass gets into the White House, the first thing that they do is pick a fight?
And isn't it strange that those same he-boys manage to enhance their own less than heroic service records, or just dodge the draft entirely?
Every time I think of that Ann Coulter nut-case referring to Duh-Bya as a "Warrior King" I just chuckle.
All that being said, can we try mostly stick to Johnson City Stories on this thing?
I'd much rather tell about James Arwood waking up nekkid on the Youngquist's porch than to get bent outta shape about politics.
Incidently, (in reply to a prior query) for the record, both Kurt Hagardorn and Martin Patrick have a non-standard number of toes.

Rick, is that one of Laura and Peee-terrrr's kids?


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