Thursday, October 23, 2003

apropos to nothing... i've been thinking about this all day and i'm so confused...

Jeb Bush, acting as governor-slash-pro-life czar of the state of Florida, has ordered that a brain dead woman be kept alive against her wishes and the wishes of her husband. Neither she nor her immediate family can determine if she lives or dies -- the governor literally has the last say. This has to be a marketing campaign. A publicity stunt aimed at Florida's senior population.

"Live forever in Florida!"

"Come to Florida, where no one ever dies! Not even little kitties."

"Florida -- if you ain't living, you're under arrest."

I'm all for eternal life, but I thought the whole point of being a god-fearing Christian was to be able to face death with some dignity, secure in the knowledge Pete would find your name on the guest list.

So why should Jeb care? Oh sure, it's sad that there's a brain dead woman -- pump some saline solution into her and see if that helps. What the fuck. She is brain dead and the game plan is to give her some food by IV. That's not a plan. That's like when your car breaks down and you open the hood. You don't know shit about cars, but you open the hood. It's the least you can do and it prolongs the inevitable of actually walking somewhere to get help. If they want her re-animated so bad, why didn't Jeb order The Paddles... uh CLEAR! And if that doesn't work they should try that stuff that Vince Vega gave Mia Wallace when she shorted all that heroin. That worked.

If hospital food by IV were going to wake her up, it would have happened already.


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