Friday, October 24, 2003

Dissent in OZ

Top o the news yesterday was that Bush was heckled and protested in Australia -- as if the Aussies have a special distaste for Bush not shared by the rest of the world.

Three words --


You heard of these? They are special cordoned-off areas usually miles away from a "presidential" (sic) event. Apparently, Bush doesn't have the strength of character needed to face his detractors in his own country. Like some spoiled oil prince he has ordered the dissenters to be removed. Any fourth-grader can tell you that on the face of it -- this is UNamerican. We have a right to free assembly and free speech. People who are willing to go out and make statements like that are like white blood cells in a sick country. We need them. And we need to SEE and HEAR the dissent taking place on our soil.

BUT, you won't ever see any of that FREE SPEECH here in the US (unless we are willing to get arrested). You have to go to the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET to get that. To me, that is as fucked up as water running counter-clockwise down the drain.


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