Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Standin' in a field
Chewin' on a cud
Eatin' lotsa grass
Life sure is a dud

Hindus in the street
Look at all the meat
It can't be had
Might be Granddad

Leather for our wallets
Hamburgers to eat
Tails make good whips
To beat you in the street

Can't ya understand
What cows really mean
Why if it weren't fer cattle
No more Dairy Queens

You can never tell
When a cow passes
'Cause they're masters of disguise
Behind those dark sunglasses

We just don't realize
We just don't see
If not for bovine intervention
McDonald's wouldn't be

I think I'm goin' crazy
Cows are everywhere
Hidin' in the freezer
And underneath the stairs

When we want milk
We just squeeze their tits
We chop 'em up for steaks
Now ain't that the pits?

So when yer down and out
Feelin' lonely and afraid
just think about those friendly
Cows On Parade

I'm sure there are more lyrics, but these are all I can remember at the moment
As I recall Bill,Rick,Bill's bro John, and myself wrote most of the lyrics in my folks basement around '80-'81; and Jeff and I added some stuff later. Dunno if Ben wrote any lyrics or not, but he did come up with the guitar line. And BBBruce threw in the "bovine intervention" line.


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