Wednesday, November 26, 2003

per the east tennessee [slash] twin peaks simpatico

back when we were doing the beat, john and i went to the train station in bristol to observe some "light workers" present an evening of channeling. i thought we could get a story out of it and was amused john was up for attending such a new age-y jam session.

these "light workers" claimed to have been attracted to bristol and moved from, i think, baltimore -- because they said, the area [bristol] is/was situated on a "lay line," which i suppose is an energetic meridian of some sort. they talked a lot about "vortexes" (or is it vorteses?) and "energy" -- subjects which, when uttered by individuals wearing sandals of any kind, makes my brain switch off as if someone suddenly degaussed my frontal lobe. which is why i never wrote a story about it. i couldn't remember any of the experience.

now that i'm starting to recall bits and pieces, the thing about east tennessee being on a lay line -- or manifesting the world's vibrations -- is suddenly interesting. events occuring elsewhere in the world are eaten up and churned out in east tennessee. our job is simply to decode them. wow. this can be fun.

so, you've got the JC chapter of the kkk edging out michael jackson on news of the weird this week. an initiate is brought down by a bullet fired to symbolize -- what? the shooting of someone (a black man or anyone else deemed a threat) who was just hanged -- these guys are nothing if not redundant. then, the guy lives DESPITE the fact that the bullet traveled thru his head! holy shit!

maybe the "take away" here is a bit about divine intervention -- like our own little burning bush, this episode proves that the most holy one is BOTH merciful and paying attention. merciful because the racist piece of shit was spared his life (sigh, i wouldn't have played it like that). and paying attention, because maybe we might be seeing more of this "new intervention-style" in the future. maybe it's time for some old school god-action. sea parting. loaves. fishes. falafel.


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