Saturday, January 17, 2004

Ol' Sparky is too good for them!

I'M MADDER than La Toya Jackson in a talent contest at how these filthy, child-molesting vermin are being treated with kid gloves by our bleeding-heart criminal justice system.

Not only do pedophile priests get a free ride, courtesy of "understanding" bishops, but celebrities who violate our children are allowed to walk the streets free for years -- even after the whole world knows their dirty little secret.

Well, I say it stops right now.

We ought to butcher these scum like hogs. The electric chair is too good for them, if you ask me. Why should some self-respecting Mafia hit man who'd cut off his right arm before he'd hurt a kid have to sit in Ol' Sparky after it's been soiled by a cowardly piece-of-garbage child molester?

I know the liberals say that's too harsh, that these guys can be "reformed" with psychotherapy behind bars and maybe given chemical castration so when they get out, they keep their warped desires under control.

Chemical castration? Heck, you give me five minutes alone with one of these degenerate SOBs, with my 14-inch "Tennessee toothpick" hunting knife in one hand and my trusty old Bowie knife in the other -- and let me treat him to my impression of a Japanese chef. Trust me, when I'm done, he won't have to worry about his wee-wee ever again, by jiminy.


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