Saturday, February 21, 2004

john and drew are downstairs jamming (jammmm-n sounding like, well, like they haven't played in a while) and barbara and i are upstairs drinking cosmopolitans and i see this post about john kerry (A.B.B.) having penned a song called "Cows On Parade" in 1961 and didn't Andy Boy do a song called Cows On Parade (i type as i spill my cosmopolitan into my keyboard) i don't believe it for a moment. blogangrandizment indeed!

barbara says she needs to stop drinking and i agree, but, fuck the world. martha stewart is a bastard. clippy bitch.

do have an excuse for my whereabouts?

no, just that i've been scared to look and have new corporate job and haven't been surfing the blog fantastic b/c once at home i need to read my political shit for the 10 minutes i can stay awake before passing out unexpectedly before the daily show. last i heard both kerry and edwards are polling to beat bush by double digits. all i can say, is that this gives me a reason to live. john and drew are watching high def soft porn on showtime. why is the music so bad?

here we are... with Trouble.


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