Thursday, February 12, 2004

Brook's whereabouts

Well, I'm wondering where all the blog women have gone, especially since there aren't many of us to begin with. I think I'll write a song, but not now.

To those of you who know guitars, I interviewed the owner of Andrew Instruments today. He makes guitars, mandolins, dulcimers and dobros in Elizabethton and has for the last 10 years. Just this past year, Ghrun (sp?) guitars in Nashville started selling his stuff. Didn't know if anyone on the blog had heard of him. His name is Dewey Cornett. Told me he's giving a dobro to Jerry Douglas when he comes to the Down Home.

Below are a couple of haikus (well, not really) concerning Brook's whereabouts:

She’s sipping from a cup of subversion
and spitting supernovas
through her two front teeth.

She's humming and handing out
flourescent, self-thumping Bibles
to state lawmakers


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