Friday, February 13, 2004


Still whining after all these years, eh Phil? Are you by chance suggesting that our presence in your "Listening Room" (Listen to that...its the sound of horseshit hitting the old dusty trail) somehow jeapordized the integrity of, or lowered the value of, your bar? We LOVED your place, Phil. Why do you think we showed up and payed those outrageous covers? And PLEEEASE dont give me any crap about paying your overhead...I DONT CARE...15 dollars to see Webb Wilder is simply TOO FUCKING MUCH TO PAY, regardless of how many loans you had taken...But pay it we did, repeatedly...One part of my story you seemed to have overlooked is the fact that you were tossing ME out of your bar even after I had been beaned with a Molson bottle..and the guy who hit me just sailed merrily didnt even TRY to figure out who did it...and didnt check to see if I was okay...I WAS, but I very well could have been injured...and you gave not a whit, you just wanted us out of your bar before we could anger another of your preferred customers...hmph, should have sued your happy ass...thats what you thought of us and thats why we treated you the way we did, in a nutshell...and you reacted to it so WELL...Honestly, I believe you were much too high strung to be in the business you were in...The Down Home has never been more vibrant and alive as it was in those were on the cutting edge Phil! had to be dragged there kicking and screaming, but for one brief shining moment, there you were. Then it was back to Doc Watson falling off his tractor. Plop! Oh, how endemic of the condition of the noble Appalachian man! Wait, he's getting up again...PLOP!...Oh, brilliant! Bravo I say...BRAVO!!


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