Thursday, March 18, 2004

Fuck the FCC

I'm confused. Can't major networks now use fuck in dialogue as long as it's used as an adjective, not a verb? Wasn't that a recent decision? See below AP story.


And it just continues to highlight why I have this love/hate relationship with, not just Christianity, but everything - because no one in power seems to realize that a religion based on categories like Use of profanity = hell fire and damnation; black/white; etc. is insane. My brain STILL tries to fit shit into these fucked-up packages. I fight it on a daily basis. But it's all o.k. because on my death bed I can always ask for forgiveness and "get saved" for the upteenth time. I tried to explain this to a very well-meaning woman at a bible study---the black/white, polarity problem with Christianity and how it butchers the psyche. I asked her if she could describe her personality in terms of this/that---happy/sad--etc. I tried to explain to these women that reality and people are full of "contradictions" and that it's all a language problem, nevermind getting into biblical translation of the original Greek and Hebrew.

They all just stared at me and I guess it suddenly "came clear" to them in their small minds why I'm "single and without children".

What about separation of church and state?

FCC cites Howard Stern and Bono for indecency
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators opened a new front in their crackdown on offensive broadcasts Thursday, saying that almost any use of the F-word on over-the-air radio and television would be considered indecent.
The Federal Communications Commission overruled its staff and said an expletive uttered by rock singer Bono on NBC was both indecent and profane. It marked the first time that the FCC cited a four-letter word as profane; the commission previously equated profanity with language challenging God’s divinity.
The FCC on Thursday also proposed maximum fines for the broadcast of the Howard Stern radio show and for a program on two Florida radio stations owned by a Clear Channel Communications subsidiary.


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