Thursday, May 13, 2004

not so fast on the Berg video

On the same day Rummy tours Abu Ghraib, the CIA is saying the ax-man in the Berg video is known terrorist, Abu Masub al-Zarqawi -- who is supposed to be dead. But even if he were still alive; Zarqawi had a prosthetic leg. the guy in the video doesn't seem to be teetering on a peg leg.

And, maybe it's the lighting, but Zarqawi's hands look pretty white for a desert-dwelling bomb-thrower -- as do everyone's hands.

And, why would the terrorists go to all the trouble of making a video, ostensibly to terrorize the US, and then hide their identity behind ski masks? Why would they even have ski masks? One would think finding a ski shop in the Middle East would be like trying to find a Burkka boutique in Miami. It seems to me that if this was indeed the dreaded terrorist al-Zaqawi, that it would be a much more successful recruiting/terrorist tool showing the perps in all their Middle Eastern glory.

Another interesting thing. Note the body shape and stance of the perps. These are some well-fed boys. Chunky. Beefy. Are these the bodies of squirrely iraqi insurgents? what about the way they are standing. they seem to have modelled their on-camera stance on what is called Parade Rest in our military.

Why is Berg wearing an American-issue orange prison jumpsuit?

Why is he totally still while the knife is coming down?

How come blood isn't spurting out of his jugular vein?

It has been said that the guy in the video doesn't so much look like Nick.
Here is a recent picture of Nick Berg:

Finally, we know Berg had been taken in by the FBI -- and that's really the last anyone had heard.


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