Monday, August 23, 2004

i smell a rat

Tonight my dear, dapper Italian Greyhound, "Trouble" jumped up from a sound sleep on his couch and ran outside. Almost immediately I heard the squeals of a rat's last minute on this earth. Trouble's been after this rodent for weeks now. He's sniffed it in the monkey grass and cased it's lair. He hung back until the moment was right and with a few bloody cuts, emerged with his booty.

You have to imagine that in his little dog mind, that rat has been eating at his very soul. Every day taunting him with foraging runs and stinking up the backyard with his ratty smell. Only a dog would notice this smell, but to Trouble, tonight it was too much to bear, and his opportunity presented itself.

That ratty smell reminds me of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth story that is stinking up the airwaves today.

Hoping to bolster the standing of their blue blood draft dodger pResident, the SBVfT have fabricated quite a tall tale about Kerry's war record. Kerry, who volunteered for duty, and once in Vietnam insisted that he be put in the most dangerous of combat situations, then acted courageously to save a fellow soldier from being left Behind Enemy Lines. For this he was decorated and it is this hero's decoration the SBVfT are attacking.

One would think such an outrageous attack would be ripped apart by first year journalism students. It's a matter of public record. There's an abundance of eyewitnesses on Kerry's side. No such evidence graces the SBVfT story.

Most shittily (yes, shit-ill-lee) the corporate media is putting the onus on Kerry to prove HIS story. Not one media outlet (save for the Daily Show) has taken the SBVfT to task by simply asking THEY prove their side first. Over the weekend John Edwards challenged Bush to denounce the outrageous lies put out by the SBVfT, and how does the headline read on CNN??

*Bush urges Kerry to stop attack ads*

I shit you not, dear reader. A drunken, AWOL Junior Bush, who flunked a drug test for flight school gets the support of the military elite who meanwhile attack real war hero for their own political gain. Does it get any stinkier than this? Really, what's the point of all the "glory and valor" of war if this is the end result?

Meanwhile something REALLY interesting is going totally unreported:

Kerry is beating Bush in the polls. Yes, you read that right. Out of a dozen polls, and with the exception of Gallup, every one shows Kerry ahead, anywhere from 1 point to 8 points. Moreover, there's a number of Red States that are turning or have turned Blue, including: Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida and Ohio. Of these other solidly Red states -- Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado -- Kerry could win one or more.

The only way Republicans can win is to lie, cheat and steal. They stole the last election. They are lying their way thru the campaign and God knows, they are cheating every way possible from intimating elderly black voters to purging the voter rolls. And oh yeah, don't forget about the electronic voting machines (if it weren't for paper receipts in Venezuela, there might have been another coup). What's even more grotesque, is it's not enough to win fair and square. Kerry is going to have to win by LARGE margins to make up for all the votes that aren't going to get counted. Ain't democracy great?

Patrick Henry used the phrase, "I smell a rat," as an opener to explain why he would boycott the Constitutional Convention. This is not the year to sit out of the political process because of a ratty smell. I believe the more appropriate Patrick Henry-ism is "Give my liberty or give me death." Us sleeping dogs are getting fed up with the ratty foraging and leaving of ratty droppings. Sooner or later we are going to have to jump off the couch.


Blogger tony not Tony said...

bushfolk convinced the state of South Carolina that John McCain was a vietcong commie in the 2000 primary.

we love to vote counter to our interests for some reason.

thanks to the electoral college system and 5 activist judges: lie, cheat, divide and conquer is all the rage.

i wish jesus would come back and take these crackers home with him, like he promised.
he better hurry, or the meek won't have much left to inherit.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 12:54:00 PM  
Blogger justmyimagination911 said...

What is going on in this country is highly disturbing to me. I've had a horrible feeling about it all for awhile - definitely since '95 or so, but then, how can one be sure. But--the dumbing down of society through terrible education; the rigging of elections both large and small; corporate greed and the wealthy few controlling the rest of us; the apathy of today's youth----it's all a recipe for bad times. Hang on - it's just the beginning.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 5:41:00 PM  
Blogger Brook said...

ah, south carolina -- in another one of rove's finest moments he smeared mccain with a whisper campaign that the senator had fathered a black child with a prostitute. when actually the couple had adopted a Bangledeshi child thru an organization assoicated with mother teresa.

here's SC news to look foward to: hopes to transform South Carolina by a series of mass immigrations of conservative Christians. they will then, i suppose turn the state into a christian nation. "Our end goal is we put people in power like Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, who really understand the Constitution," says ChristianExodous founder Cory Burnell, referring to the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice who repeatedly came into conflict with federal authorities over a Ten Commandments monument he placed in a court building.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 7:15:00 PM  

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