Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Life in Carter County (continued)

Concerning my post of several days ago about the mock terrorist drill - the AP did pick it up, as did NPR. Someone also said he saw it on Fox News.

The weird thing about it was - some knew it was going to happen and others didn't. (what happened was - three armed men and one armed woman came into a county commission meeting and held everyone hostage. One person said there was a bomb in the building. They told people not to move. All of them had handguns (except one guy who had a cap gun).) It was to be an important meeting - a vote on a property tax increase. There was a fairly large audience. The sheriff knew the drill was going to happen, so when people who didn't know it was going to happen saw his "lack-o-reaction" to it, they became even more disturbed. The county mayor and all county commissioners had not been alerted. It was like a Harold Pinter play with Sam Shepard spread all over it. Later, we found out one of the guys (the one with the cap gun) is actually a convicted felon. Earnest Jackson, the EMA director who set the whole thing up, has been suspended with pay while the TBI actually investigates this thing. He honestly had no idea that what he was doing might not be kosher - so the whole thing is frought with innocence, making it all the more powerful. It's a novel waiting to be written.

The dead cat nativity scene which I mentioned in the previous post is also interesting. It happened several years ago. A biology teacher at Elizabethton HS decided to make a nativity scene around Christmas time using some of the cats the class dissected. "tis true. I'm telling you - "truth is stranger than fiction" doesn't even begin to touch this stuff. It's ignorance and innocence rising up out of the ashes to touch a constellation called genius. blah, blah blah.


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