Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Fall's finally here and this year everyone will be wearing brown shirts

At some point we have to just accept the fact we are living in a weird pre-Brazil dictatorship. The lighting isn't as dramatic, but there's just as much plastic surgery and it's equally distopic. Our cultural moment has combined economic collapse, war, environmental surrender and reality television. We're nothing if not thorough in our descent into darkness.

Kvetching over beer and shellfish about Bush's ham-fisted quest for empire is therapeutic, but isn't there something we could be doing to stop him? Bush hijacked the war on terrorism and LIED to send us headlong into a shocking mess in the Middle East. This isn't Grenada or some little southeast Asian backwater. This is ground zero for every apocalyptic religion's apocalypse, basically. If shit is going to get shitty, it's going to get shitty there.

Meanwhile, all the news can talk about is the typography of the CBS memos. No one has noticed that Bush ran like a little bitch from fighting his beloved Vietnam war. Hello, this is page-one-over-the-fold GOLD.

For the record -- at Yale, Bush was known to support few things passionately. The Vietnam War was one. Competitive drinking was another. Oh and, weird homoerotic frat-boy gamesmanship was the last. Bush is the ultimate "Fag Basher" of Stinky Finger lore. Loud, stupid, drunken fratbot. Memos or not -- this is the truth behind the CBS story. And the story about Smirky the Drunken Trust Fund Dick is a lot more interesting than fonts and superscripts. Imagine Chris Matthews or Tim Russart actually talking about the 'real issue' of Bush being a fuck-wad. "Tonight on Hardball -- Bush is a dick or what?"

Gonna bash that fucked-up pansy in his fucked-up face.

How does it happen that the media misses this story? I don't care what side of the fence you vote from, giving ink to the Commander-In-Chief's personal history as a lout -- a fraud -- a scallywag -- a pussy -- and (oh lets say) a narcissistic dry drunk -- can't be bad for any media outlet's bottom line. This is the kind of story that captures the public imagination. BUT, as wholly-owned subsidies of General Electric and other defense industries, the media is as likely to cover this and give Kerry equal time, as a congregation of ammonia-belching monkeys are likely to throw my next birthday party. Unless people are thinking for themselves (and these are American people we are talking about) lets face it, we are in for four more years of Bush, then seven years of Ashcroft. Which will be followed by three days of darkness before frogs and menstrual blood rain down from the sky when Rapture finally happens and we'll be rid of the fucking Fundamentalists and can get back to having some semblance of a civilization once and for all.

Gonna knock that pansy queer back to his rightful place.

I've tried to comfort myself with Reason. As in "Reason will triumph." The People will not stand for such a blatant misuse of power. The People will not stand for lying us into a global war. The People will not stand for using our tax money AND our young men and women as cannon fodder for the Thanatonic ecstasy of of a handful of Pentecostals and leftover dingle-berries from the Nixon administration. The People will not tolerate Treason. Blah blah blah. Reason has not triumphed. The People could care less about Treason or Reason or anything more complicated than an episode of CSI: Miami. The People are too busy refinancing their mortgages, shopping for awesome ripped-up cargo pants at the outlet mall, and painting faux finishes to give a shit about creeping fascism. Our future grows darker and everyday as the drums beat louder.

We're the Lords of Hatred -- Delta Gamma Master Race.

If there's a Platonic Form for the Stinky's Fag Basher, it is smirking at us from the ether because we've quaffed the ruffies.

What's next, indeed.

Get out of my way you faggot.


Blogger bill said...

yep. that says it all. well done brook!

Friday, September 24, 2004 6:45:00 AM  

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